AHE was formed in 1993 by Allan L.F. Hee graduated in England major in Industrial Engineering. The Technical Manager has been a Press Shop Engineer for 3 years specialized in hydraulic and mechanical punching and forming process of metal parts in Allied Auto Parts, Shah Alam.

Industrial Manufacturing Technology

SYSCO Converting System
Manual - Semi-Automatic – Fully automatic for sheet or roll converting

HOACO Rotary Die Cutting System

Automatic Rotary Machine for die cutting, multi-layer lamination, sheeting, slitting, unwind/rewind, tape transfer, waste removal, adhesive application, perforation, embossing, heat-sealing and much more

Super Cutter for high speed incremental cutting

OSHIMA CNC Automatic Cutting System
Inline CNC Router Machine with CAD program and Automatic Material Spreading Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine for high tonnage application

Thermo & Vacuum Forming Machine
Automatic Thermoforming Machines for Pressure and Vacuum forming with automatic stacking and die cutting function

TopStar Automated Industrial Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

Automated Optical Inspection System (In-line and off-line AOI System)
Multi-function inspection machine for raw material or end product via CCD vision camera and optimized software for wide field applications



Great New Packages
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Project/Production Application
If you are unsure about your production requirements feel free to contact us for professional advice and guidance. We will provide you with the best solution and system for your needs.

– Spacers, Insulators, Cushioning, Sealing, Gasket, Leather, Tire Repair Patch, Non-woven Textile, Plastic/Carpet Tiles, Automobile Door Panel Welding, Car Bumper, Car Interior & Exterior Trim Solution

Medical – ECG Electrode, Spunbond, Plasters, Disposable Pads, Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, Monitoring Electrode, Wound Dressing Pads, Band Aid, Dental Dam & Stretch Bands

Textile & Apparel – Non-woven, woven, leather, latex, garment, fabric, nylon

Electronics – LCD, Multi-Functional Adhesive & Complex Assemblies, Protective Films, Display Adhesives, Foam Seals & Meshes, Electrical Insulation Tapes, Thermal Graphite Pads, Electro-Mechanical Components, Smartphone Side/Rear Panel

Label and Packaging – Envelopes, Paper boxes, Labels & Stickers with adhesive, Tape Peel Strip Stickers, EVA, PE, PU, EPDM Foam Products.

Printing – Multi Color Flexo- and Screen Printed Products, Vision & Color Mark Sensor for value added products

Automation – 3C Industry, New Energy Industry, Photoelectric Industry, Packaging Industry, Automotive Industry, Industrial Robot Application, Inventory Management Automation.