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Our Products

Sysco Cutting System has been in the market for more than 35 years and is fully designed and manufactured in Taiwan.
Sysco Die Cutting machines are top tier in the die cutting industry. 
Mobile Phone, Electronics, LCD, RFID, Medical, Label, Automobile, Tiles, Textile/Non-Woven, Foam, Abrasive, Paper, Packaging, Plastic  

HSC-12/25/30/40 High Speed Hydraulic Cutting Machine


RBC40 Cutting Machine.

CPC-BT25/30/40/70 Cutting Machine with Cutting On- Belt Feeding System for cutting of sheet or roll

High Speed Rotary Cutting Machine allows production to run with a higher yield and with very high accuracy (50~100 Mikron)
Other capabilities of rotary die cutting system are multi-layer lamination, flexo/screen printing, waste removal, heat lamination, flatbed die cutting, CCD vision camera, color and contrast mark sensor, labeling, sheeting, slitting and perforation. 
All processes are run simultaneously within the RDC software to ensure a contineous smooth production.

RDC - Rotary Die Cutting Machine (from 3 up to 20 Die Set Stations)

Screen/Flexo Printing + Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Satellite Type Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Heat Seal Pouching Machine

High speed flatbed systems are used to cut smaller dimension products. The maximum cutting speed is up to 300 cuts/min.
Other value added functions such as slitting, sheeting, lamination, material rewinding & unwinding and waste removal are all within the capablility of this system.
Accessories for value added functions are available to automate and customize the system for each converting requirement.   

HXM-4 High Speed Flatbed Die Cutting Machine

HXM-2 High Speed Flatbed Die Cutting Machine

HHC - High Speed Servo Die Cutting Machine

Our CNC Router Cutting System has been in the market over 30 years and is fully designed and manufactured in Italy and Taiwan.
The Main Features of our system compare to other conventional CNC cutters are Nesting Projection System for pre-cut reference, Multi-tool Cutting Head for quick tool exchange, CAD software for accurate and automatic cutting and Sectioned Strong Vacuum System for automatic suction power on material
Examples of Materials: Garment, Fabric, Non-Woven, Woven, Leather, Nylon, Copper, PC, PES, MDF, Stainless Steel Graphite, PTFE, Asbestos Free, Hard Rubber

CNC Oscillating Cutting Machine




Multiple layer laminting machines are used not only to laminate multi-layer adhesive tapes, thin flim, release paper and other material.
But it is also used for slitting multiple parts with waste discharge after die cutting process. Speed adjustment and tension are all adjustable for each product requirements.
We also provide Raw material lamination, coating or hot glue lamination machine.

Multi Shaft and Blade Roll Slitting Machine

Double Shaft Auto Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Single Shaft Auto Roll Slitting Machine

BOPP Tape Slitting Machine

Our Automatic Spreading Machine are inline system with CNC router for efficient spreading, material transfer and cutting continuous process. Suitable spreading material: pvc, nylon, woven, non-woven, fabric etc 

AHA-J3 Spreading Machine for Fabric, Textile, PU leather

F8-Series Automatic PVC Spreading Machine

K10-Series Automatic Spreading Machine for KNIT & WOVEN with DATA extracting function

K9-Series Automatic Spreading Machine for Knit and Woven

Automatic Shrink Wrap Sealing and Packaging Machine

Horizontal Flow Packaging Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Super Cutter is a sheet cutting machine which is also capable of cutting in both kiss cut and full cut.
In addition to that it is also possible to mount a die set to the super cutter to proceed in incremental die cutting
All super cutters are equiped with servo motor for accurate and high speed cutting.

TK-650YM Super Cutter with Clamp Feeding

TK-650RM Super Cutter with Pinch Roller

Thermo Forming Machines are commonly used for automotive, consumer products, packaging cartons and industrial application.
Our inline system provides a solution for each consumers requirements

PLA Polylactic Acid Completely Degradation Foamed Sheet Production Line

PLA, PET Plastic Extrusion Machine

CVFP-Series Automatic Thermoforming Machine with Stacking and Die Cutting

CVB-Series Thermo-Plastic Thick Board Forming Machine

Our Hydraulic Press Machines are available from 50 up to 16000 Tons depending on the customers requirements.
All Machines are integrated with Mechanical-Electrical-Hydraulic safety devices up to CE safety standards.
Products: SMC Sheets, Plastic Moulding, Extrior Trim Parts, Automobile Trim Parts, Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber, Metal Sheets, Kitchenware, Household appliance, Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys, TV Parts, Decroative Parts, Electronics Devices etc etc

C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Presses

Horizontal Dedicated Compress and Bagging Machine

Hydraulic Hot Press Machine for PP, PVC, PE material

Webscan Continuous Film/Sheet Defect Inspection System


Automated CCD Detection System

Piece Inspection System (PSCAN System)

All our sheet cutting machine comes with servo & driver with PLC control to ensure cutting length and feeding tension/speed are accurate
Vertical cutter on the other hand provide large height material cutting with saw blade

X Y Axis Sheet Cutting Machine

Sheet Cutting Machine for roll materials

CNC Horizontal and Vertical Blade Foam Cutting Machine

Wide Angle Vertical Cutting Machine

Ostomy Bag Making Machine

Cooling Gel Patch Production Machine

Gauze Non Woven Slitting Machine

Wet Wipes Making Machine

Tie On Face Mask Machine

Head Loop Face Mask Machine

KF94 Face Mask Machine


European Design Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine used for small products cutting
Easy to use and effective cutting process with movable cutting head 

Swing Arm Cutting Machine SY622

We provide solutions for all card production line such as Financial IC Card, Sim Card, Smart Card, Banking Card, Customized Card, E-Certificate, RFID 
Every require process is within our production capability: Milling, embedding, implanting, punching, labelling, hot stamping & wrapping

HDP5000 Smart Card Personalizing Machine

HDB500 High-speed Ultrasonic Wrapping Machine



Our laser solutions are compact laser machines with a wide scope of application
Laser Marking/Cutting Methods: Optical Fiber laser, CO2 Laser & UV Laser 

Flying Laser Marking System

Multi-Propose Optical Fiber Laser Machine

Multi-Propose UV Laser Laser Machine

Multi-Propose CO2 Laser Machine

Our Unwinding and Rewinding Machine can be coupled up with flatbed die cutting system and laminating machines. 

AFV-F05 Roller Feeding Machine

AFV-200/360 Vertical Auto Feeder

AFV-150 / AFH-150 Vertical and Horizontal Auto Feeder

HXSF-4 Automatic Unwinding and Rewinding Machine

VST (Visual Auto Stiffener Tacking)


3 ply face mask

Thermoforming Trays

Shoe components

Sealed and Cut Edges Insulation Materials

Fully Automatic SMT Product Line


High Speed Pick And Place Machine - Japan Juki Series