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FASP - 6010 - Compact Thermoforming Machine

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FASP - 6010 - Compact Thermoforming Machine

Compact Thermoforming Machine (Pressure Forming)
FASP - 6010 / 7012 / 7014 / 8012

FASP series is a NEW CONCEPT DESIGN thermoforming machine with pressure forming design and reciprocating heater structure. 

The concept is to provide user to own a machine with less cost but strong capability to form high quality products. 



  • FASP series owns both pressure forming and vacuum forming function. 
  • Pressure forming process could reduce the temperature during process and keep better forming uniformity.
  • The heater adopts tubular heating elements with SCR controlling and setting memories for easier operation.The ceramic element is also optional for adoption.
  • The upper mold, lower mold and forming area are able to be electronically adjusted easily.
  • Cooling system adopts both fan and water sprayer systems for efficient cooling process
  • Enclosed type structure :
    To improve the uniformity during forming, enclosed type structure and air conditioner design are able to solve the problem of plastic sheet sunk.
  • Plastic trays,blisters, food containers, Industry packing products and disposable tableware.
  • Many well-known electronic components vendors adopt our machine for electricity trays production.



PVC, PP,HIPS, PET, ABS, OPS,PE,PSP etc.,thermoplastic material

Good performance

The performance of pressure forming is pretty good and better than vacuum forming, it is a sophisticated version of the vacuum forming process utilizing air pressure as a forming aid to increase the detail on the mold side, even same as injection molding. For small quantity inquiries,you can spend much less cost but get the product like injection molding process.

Low cost molds

No need to adopt expensive pressure forming molds, traditional vacuum forming mold is workable!Only cost you USD 3,000 for molds.It really saves your cost, comparing with expensive mold other machines adopt . You do not need to choose those expensive molds.
Model Forming Area Forming Depth Film Width Electric Heater Equipment Controllor
FASP-6012 570*1200mm 150mm 500~600mm 30KW Air Compressor 7.5HP PLC & Touchscreen
FASP-7012 670*1200mm 150mm 500~700mm 34KW Air Compressor 7.5HP PLC & Touchscreen
FASP-7014 670*1400mm 150mm 500~700mm 38KW Air Compressor 7.5HP PLC & Touchscreen

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