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K10-Series Automatic Spreading Machine for KNIT & WOVEN with DATA extracting function

K10-Series Automatic Spreading Machine for KNIT & WOVEN

  • Machine returns back to original position once fabric runs empty.
  • The machine power will automatically shut off upon 5 minutes idle.
  • The spread laid fabric is not pulled when the emergency stop triggers.
  • The streamline shape can reduce the wind disturbance,noise and vibration.
  • Automatic fabric expanding system.
  • PLC Touch Panel, user-friendly operation system.
  • Non-tension spreading.
  • Simple operation increases production efficiency and also ensures the best quality.
  • The new Arc mechanism ensures the elastic fabrics expanded perfectly.

Main Device:
  • Touch panel display: Easy to set up the length, number of layer, speed and steps.
  • Fabric expanding device: It can be adjusted according to the different width and tension of fabrics, making fabricsfree from tension.
  • Cutting device: The auto-cutter can be easily dismounted. Travel length and speed of cutter are adjustable.
  • Automatic fabric relaxing control: To relax the fabric in advance and release the tension during spreading the fabric.
  • Edge control device: Automatic edge control during spreading fabric.
  • Fabric lading sensor: Machine returns back to original position once fabric runs empty.
  • Emergency stop: The brake lines are under two sides of table, and can be efficiently pulled upon emergency.
  • Adjustable Curve Tube.
Standard Equipment:
  • Memory for set up of spreading length.
  • Auto acceleration and deceleration by computer.
  • Bucket type unwinding synchronically with relaxing function.
  • Fabric setting bar and fabric expander.
  • Lamp of working status.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Auto-lifting device.
  • Adjustable cutter travel length.
  • Layer counter.
  • Edge control.Auto-cutter.
  • Rewinding device(Cloth roll).

  • Tubular Device.
  • Riding Platform.
  • Safety Sensor Device.
  • Blowing device for edge.
  • One side movable of catcher set.
  • Catcher for face to face.
  • Multi Zero Point.
Model K10-190S K10-210S
Power Supply 1P/220V
Motor 1KW
Maximum Cloth Width 1900mm/75” 2100mm/83”
Table Width 2130mm/84” 2330mm/92”
Machine Weight 340kg 360kg
Weight of cloth roll 60kg max
Diameter of cloth roll 450mm max
Travel Speed 90m/min max
Dimensions(mm) 2600x1800x950 2800x1800x950
Packing Volume(mm) 2800x2000x1250 3000x2000x1250
N.W/G.W 570/860kg 610/970kg
Lay Height One way 220mm,Ӹ300mm(K10-H)
Face to Face 150mm,Ӹ230mm(K10-H)
Spreading Methods ONE-WAY SPREADING(FACE UP)    
*Design and specifications subject to change without prior notice*
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