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CPC-BT25/30/40/70 Cutting Machine with Cutting On- Belt Feeding System for cutting of sheet or roll

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CPC-BT25/30/40/70 Cutting Machine with Cutting On- Belt Feed

CPC-BT25/30/40/70 Cutting Machine with Cutting On-Belt Feeding System for cutting of sheet or roll material (Full / Half cut)

Range of application
This machine is used in an extremely wide range of applications including: textiles, plastics, rubber, foam, composites, paper,
paperboard, wood, synthetic leather, cork, felt, and items like automotive upholstery, gaskets, filters, abrasives, shoe components,
shoulder pads, medical supplies, packaging, shirt collars, sponges, caps, linings, balls, label stickers, plastic floor tiles, leather goods,
stationery articles, document files, boxes, brassieres, floor mats, carpets, toys etc.

- The travelling head is driven by ball screws to stop precisely at the proper cutting position, with an accuracy of +/-   0.1mm
- The high precision four post mechanical stops can ensure an accurate cutting depth, avoiding over-cutting throught to the nylon belt
lengthening the lifetime of the belt
- The inboard clamping beam feeder can feed multiple layers of material without any slipping between layers.
- The continuous belt feeding system can ensure smooth feeding of many kinds of material. It is especially good for flimsy material.
- There are 9999 cutting programs in memory available for different die shapes.
- Optional auto-nesting software is available to achieve the highest material yield.
- A cutting progream which maximizes material yield can save up to 20% in material costs.

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