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ABR-40 Abrasive Disc Computer Die Cutting, Knockout & Stacking System

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ABR-40 Abrasive Disc Computer Die Cutting, Knockout & Stacki

ABR-40 Abrasive Disc Computer Die Cutting, Knockout & Stacking System
Model : ABR-40

- 2axis computer numerical control traveling head die
- Motorized 4 post mechanical stops for accurate bottom possition
- P.P.cutting pad with pad shifter
- Punch slug box inder head to automatically collect scrap material
- Pneumatic die rails under head for quick & easy die mounting
- Dual rack and gear drive for inboard and outboard
clamping beam feeding system
- Gravity roller on inboard and outboard conveyor
- Stainless steel grid plate feeding device to help
feed flimsy abrasive material across
cutting pad
- Separate sealed hydraulic unit and external
line filter
- Seal protected sgainst abrasive damage
- Synchronized pneumatic knockout system
- Auto stacking system and delivery conveyor
- Inboard and outboard safety fence guarding
- Two roll tension adjustable heavy duty material stand
- Air cooled oil cooler
- High speed hydraulic system

- Three set of servo motor positioning system , position accuracy + - 0.2 mm.
- Working capacity up to 57,600 pieces of abrasive discs per 8 hours with two cavity cutting die to cut two plies of roll material.
- User friendly computer control and 100 cutting program memory provides easy operation.
- Punch-slugs go through punch tubes into the slug box under head and you can use a vacuum cleaner to clear out the slugs.
- Auto cutting directly from jumbo rolls can not only simplify the manufacturing process , but can also achieve material savings up to 15%.
- Unique stainless steel grid plate feeding device can provide perfect feeding results for all kinds of non-woven felt , velcro backing , and
pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) release paper backing of abrasive sandpaper material.
- Separate sealed hydraulic unit with excellent machine durability.
- Unique function cuts deeper automatically to compensate for worn-out die blade edges and obtains excellent clean cut parts.
- Motorized 4 post mechanical stops stroke control device allows the cutting die to just touch the cutting surface and therefore can
provide excellent die and pad life.
- P.P.pad shifter device can save cutting pad and die costs and help provide clean cut parts.

Range of Application
- Auto cutting and stacking of jumbo roll abrasive sandpaper material.

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