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Multiple layer laminting machines are used not only to laminate multi-layer adhesive tapes, thin flim, release paper and other material.
But it is also used for slitting multiple parts with waste discharge after die cutting process. Speed adjustment and tension are all adjustable for each product requirements.
We also provide Raw material lamination, coating or hot glue lamination machine.

Self Adhesive Coating Machine

Customized Bonding and Coating Machine


AFV-420ML-2 Multi Layer Laminating & Slitting Machine

AFV-420ML Multi Layer Laminating & Slitting Machine

HXF3-343 / HXF3-232 Multi Layer Laminating & Slitting Machine


Hot Melt Adhesive Film Lamination Machine

Plywood Laminating Machine

Fabric Lamination Machine

Heat Seal Lamination Machine

Multi Shaft and Blade Roll Slitting Machine

Double Shaft Auto Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Single Shaft Auto Roll Slitting Machine

BOPP Tape Slitting Machine